Earn for FMCFL
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Participating merchants contribute a percentage of your grocery purchases, online shopping, and, through the new Benefit Mobile program, purchases of digital gift cards. Check out all the ways you can help FMCFL!

Register your credit and/or debit cards and every time you shop at a participating merchant, a portion of your purchase will be Earned for FMCFLSign up online and follow the prompts listing Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries Code 500826635. Already registered with another nonprofit? You can split your proceeds with another non-profit or give 100% to FMCFL.

Click here to find out more about how eScrip works.
Click here for a full list of merchants who participate in the program.
Click here for a list of participating restaurants.

Mobile Gift Cards

eScrip’s new partnership with Benefit Mobile allows you to earn for FMCFL by purchasing digital gift cards on your smart phone both for everyday shopping and gifting. There are over 100 participating retailers including local and online stores such as Safeway, Amazon, Whole Foods, CVS, Starbucks, Fandango and Zappos. Click here to learn more about Benefit Mobile and to download the app.


We all go grocery shopping every week. Share a percentage of that spending with FMCFL! Local grocers who participate in eScrip or other scrip programs are listed here. If you shop at Safeway or Whole Foods, read about the new Benefit Mobile program below.

Once you have signed up for eScrip, simply use one of your registered credit/debit cards at checkout and earn!

Online Shopping

Did you know that when you shop online through the eScrip Online Mall, many participating merchants, including Apple, Target and eBay, will donate up to 6% or more of your purchases to FMCFL? You can even install eScrip’s convenient Forget Me Not app onto your browser, and you will be reminded to click and earn every time you visit an online merchant who partners with eScrip!

Click here for a full list of eScrip Online Mall merchants.
Click here to learn about and install the Forget Me Not browser toolbar app.

Questions about eScrip?

Contact eScrip chair Julia Foster